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RTBN is a Christian Radio/TV Broadcasting station that broadcasts around the World. The RTBN Radio and TV Stations Broadcast Live at all times of the day. Viewers are able to enjoy Christian Programming 24/7 while in the comfort of their own home. But that’s not all. RTBN also has easy access to the Bible for Bible searching as well as Bible Reading for the listener.


The bible says in Mark 16:15 Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. RTBN is an innovative way to do this command. With the internet RTBN is able to travel faster than cars, boats, and even airplanes. RTBN is reaching the world for Christ.
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 10:00am Music  Music  Music  Music  Music  Music   O.E.M Church
 11:00am Portuguese Programming  English  Programming Saturday shows rerun Spanish Programming  Creole Programming  Singing  O.E.M Church
 12:00pm  Portuguese Programming   English  Programming  Saturday shows rerun  Spanish Programming   Creole Programming  Singing  O.E.M Church
 1:00pm  Portuguese Programming   English  Programming  Saturday shows rerun  Spanish Programming   Creole Programming Singing
 O.E.M Church
 2:00pm  Portuguese Programming   English  Programming  Saturday shows rerun  Spanish Programming   Creole Programming  Drumming Lessons  O.E.M Church
 3:00pm  Portuguese Programming   English  Programming  Saturday shows rerun  Spanish Programming   Creole Programming  More Like Christ  O.E.M Church
 4:00pm  RTBN News   RTBN News   RTBN News   RTBN News   RTBN News  Walking with Faith  O.E.M Church
 5:00pm  Church Service  Bible Study  TBA  Bible Study  Youth  Unashamed  O.E.M Church
 6:00pm  Church Service  Bible Study  Hymn Notes  Bible Study  Youth  L'eau de Vie  O.E.M Church
 7:00pm  Sports  Church Service  Movie Church Service  Movie  Today's encouragement  O.E.M Church
 8:00pm  Sports  Church Service  Movie  Church Service  Movie  Prayer  O.E.M Church
 9:00pm  Sports  Church Service  Movie  Church Service  Movie  Prayer  O.E.M Church
 10:00pm  Sports  Music  Movie  Music  Movie  Prayer  O.E.M Church
 11:00pm  Music  Music  Music  Music  Music  Music  O.E.M Church

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If you are not certain where you are going to spend your eternity ([n Heaven or in Hell), call us immediately, as you don't know when the last day will be.

Thank you all who came to our great Annual Evangelical crusade on Anna/Jefferson Park.